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Yulia Nekrasova
Thu Mar 28 2024

Snake Lite Case study

The Client

Snake Lite - Snake Zone Game is a modern version of the classic Snake game that has been popular for generations. This addictive arcade-style game challenges players to navigate a snake through a maze-like arena, eating as many apples as possible while avoiding collisions with walls and the snake's own tail. With simple controls and vibrant graphics, Snake Lite offers an immersive gaming experience suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. The snake grows longer as players progress, increasing the challenge and intensity of the gameplay.

Our work with Snake Lite began in 2021, when we started promoting the game for both IOS and Android.

Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 2

Collecting Data & Reaching CPI


A/B Testing, Data Collection & Reaching CPI


Our primary goal was to conduct A/B testing on campaigns to gather valuable data. We thoroughly explored different media platforms to identify the most efficient way of engaging our target demographic. After conducting extensive trials on diverse advertising platforms, we found the ideal solution: Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Our client's main request was to reach large volumes and attract as many users as possible. We agreed on a CPI model of cooperation and began our work.

Stage 2

Week 3 - Week 11

Increasing The Number Of Users & Reaching KPI


Attracting Users To The Snake Lite Game


We started our work on the US geography. Our primary objective was to attract new users for less than $1. Our creative team immediately brainstormed several ideas and came up with various types of creatives, including gameplay, sound effects, and unique banners.

Initially, Facebook provided us with the best results. In the first few weeks, we achieved the following results:

  • CPI less than $0.7
  • 1300 daily installs

Over time, Google also brought us similar results. It just took a little more time to test.

Stage 3

Week 12- Week 25

Increase The Number of Attracted Users and Test New Geos


Attracting Users To The Snake Lite Game from new GEOs


As we decided to expand to new geographies, we chose Tier 1. All campaigns were on the same platforms; we adapted the creatives and tested new approaches.

We clearly understood that a creative approach and our experience are the key to increasing the number of downloads. That's why we took an approach where we showcased the gameplay and provided context for why people would want to play the game to keep their attention.

This allowed us to achieve results that were three times better than the previous ones. At the same time, the average CPI was $0.5, and the number of downloads had already exceeded 3,500 per day.

Stage 4

Week 26 - Week 47

Planning and Growth & Keeping KPIs With Active User Downtime


Testing New Advertising Platforms and Scaling


In the final stage, we decided to include the TikTok platform, which has always been quite effective in promoting casual games. Gameplay recordings, strategies, extraordinary characters, and unique artistic styles serve as highly effective selling points for the game. Therefore, in our creatives, we continued to reveal game elements that would be memorable and unique for the audience. By combining advertising on three platforms, we have achieved more than 5,000 daily downloads in recent months.

Thus, the game entered the top 10 most downloaded games in 2022, with over 5 million downloads.

Summing up, our collaboration with Snake Lite - Snake Zone Game has been a testament to the power of strategic marketing in driving success for mobile games. From our initial focus on data collection and reaching CPI goals to our expansion into new geographies and platforms, each stage of our journey has been marked by innovation and dedication. By leveraging creative approaches, testing new strategies, and continuously refining our tactics, we achieved remarkable results, including reaching over 5,000 downloads daily and securing a spot among the top 10 most downloaded games of 2022, with over 5 million total downloads.