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Yulia Nekrasova
Tue May 30 2023

Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing involves promoting products through individuals with a strong social media presence and following. Influencer marketing has been there for quite some time. It's a high budget, yet proven marketing channel. These influencers can sway purchasing decisions of their followers by sharing their experiences, opinions, and recommendations on products and services.

From sponsored posts to product reviews and collaborations, influencer marketing takes many forms and can help businesses generate buzz, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales.

To be effective however, influencer marketing requires careful planning, strategic selection of influencers, and transparent communication with audiences. These techniques maintain authenticity and credibility. As mobile app marketers, we have to keep this in mind as we leverage the power of influencers to reach a wider audience for your apps.

Why Is Influencer Marketing Important For A Mobile App Marketing Strategy?

Well, influencers can increase the visibility and credibility of mobile apps. Whether it's through sponsored content, tutorials, or product reviews influencers demonstrate unique features and benefits of an app.

These content often leads to more downloads, user engagement, and retention. When done at scale, we also get valuable feedback and insights on app user experience.

Also, partnering with influencers is an intelligent way for mobile app companies to achieve greater brand awareness and acquire new users while building trust and credibility with their target audience.

What Over 10 Years Experience Reveal About Influencer Marketing

Mobihunter has been doing influencer marketing since 2018 as a new traffic source. Here's what we've learned so far.

  1. On The Best Revenue Share Models: When getting started, we tested all kinds of cooperation models with bloggers in different continents. Ultimately, we settled on CPI, CPA, and payment-per-integration models of cooperation. We've been using these models since 2018 and have been the most effective and beneficial for our clients.
  2. Always Track Conversions: Considering the fact that we do multichannel campaigns, conversion tracking can be a hectic task. Our network of bloggers is also spread across  completely different platforms. So we always ask bloggers to insert a special tracking link to track conversions and effectiveness. Link trackers help us qualitatively evaluate the result of each integration's result.
  3. When Conversion Tracking Doesn't Work: Even though we know, from experience, the bloggers involved and the expected results, we still need granular details. It is essential to go beyond getting new users into an app or game, as each integration has a positive impact on the brand. Yet approximately 50% of users will download an application or game organically. This happens because many users install the application NOT through a tracking link but by searching the Google and other App stores. This is how typical internet users behave, making it difficult to attribute new downloads to our campaign. Our clients will often see an increase in organic conversions anyways.
  4. Improving The Quality Of Downloads: We always try to improve the quality of conversion tracking by motivating users to download from the tracking link. For this purpose, we use the following tactics:
  • A constant reminder from the influencer that it is worth downloading from their link i.e giving more partnership perks and discounts through a certain link.
  • Issuing promotional codes, which have a good effect on the conversion, as most users download specifically from the tracking link.
  • Placing a QR code for easy scanning.

Influencer Marketing Examples

One of our most successful cases is a long-term cooperation with partners from Alibaba Group. Our team has been promoting the GoTube and Pure Tuber applications in the European market for about a year. During this time, we made more than 600 integrations with various bloggers on the TikTok and YouTube platforms. As a result - an increase of 400,000 downloads in the Play Store, reaching the first positions in the charts and product recognition.

Another successful case is the promotion and launch of the Twin Tiles game on the Chinese market. We used well-known local bloggers and the information boom around the “sheep game”, which was rapidly gaining popularity in the Chinese market at that time, brought good results.

Twin Tiles, on the other hand, was more simple, clear and funnier for an average user. We got an extremely positive result from the first launch. More than 100,000 downloads, large reach and recognition among the audience which immediately brought the game to the top 10 of the Chinese App Store.

Get Started With Influencer Marketing

Both startups and large enterprises should use influencer marketing to stay ahead of the competition. As influencer marketing continues gaining traction, it's important to keep up with the latest marketing trends and innovations in influencer marketing.

Do you want to attract more users for your mobile app or game? Let’s hit your next marketing goals through influencer marketing.