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Yulia Nekrasova
Mon Apr 03 2023

Aliexpress: Online Shopping Mobile App

AliExpress is a global online retail marketplace where consumers buy products online at reasonable prices. AliExpress sells everything from apparel, clothes, and viral electronic gadgets to automobiles and heavy machinery. They unite several suppliers to worldwide customers. Dropshippers also source products here at reasonable prices.

The Advantage

The Aliexpress Mobile app had a variety of benefits for shoppers, including:

  • Great prices on quality products.
  • A wide range of products to choose from.
  • Free shipping on orders over $50.
  • Low minimum order requirements.

Since Aliexpress is an established Fortune 500 company, we were not starting from scratch. We had lots of existing data to work with. They had a sizable Ad Spend which allowed us to test many ad approaches for this application.

Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 2

Collect Data, Reach CPI


To A/B Test and Collect Data, Reach CPI


Like any other marketing campaign, data is king. First, our main goal was to collect data. Then the second goal in this stage was understanding the client's CPI - that is, Cost Per Install. We needed these for further marketing purposes. Therefore, we conducted A/B tests and discussed all the insights with the Aliexpress team. We also agreed on Key Performance Indicators - the means to measure the success of the campaign.

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Stage 2

Week 3- Week 11

Increase The Number Of Users And Purchases, Reach KPI


To Increase The Number Of Users, Purchases, and Reach KPIs


To achieve this goal, we made Ad creatives and designed campaigns for Aliexpress seasonal sales. We attracted users on a low-tier offer of less than $1

We also agreed on the CPI model of cooperation. Because the mobile app had good traction and millions of downloads, we were ready to experiment with many creative approaches. We tried attracting new users with personalized advertising. We also used infomercials showing how to save money i.e. saving on wardrobe selection by shopping on Aliexpress.

We tested so many Ad creatives across different Ad networks that we quickly hit the KPI the client wanted.

The cost per install was less than $1, i.e., $0.5-$0.8. Also, we reached a $50 first purchase just a day after installation.

The Aliexpress team consistently commended the high efficiency of our work.

Stage 3

Week 12 - Week 27

Increase The Number Of Users, Traffic Optimization, Attracting A Solvent Audience


To Increase The Number Of Users, Optimize Traffic, and Attract A Solvent Audience


For all the campaigns, we decided to optimize for a solvent audience who would make more purchases. We focused on the European demographics.

By then, we had vast experience working with Aliexpress. We brainstormed ideas for an annual discount festival known as 11.11. Our internal team made winning creatives for the world-famous promotion 11.11.

The 11.11 annual discount festival gives discounts of up to 70% on sales. One of our goals was to attract users who would check out at least $50. Our professionalism, methodology, and experience, made a successful campaign setting us up for the next stage.

Stage 4

Week 28 - Week 47

Planning and Growth & Keeping KPIs With Active User Downtime


To Increase Brand Awareness, And Increase Purchases


Our main task was to increase brand awareness while acquiring qualified new customers.

So we scaled our creative approaches by testing more creatives. We made Ads for various product attributes I,e Plus + sizes, etc. We also tested Ads on leading categories like phone accessories, and at the same time, many creatives performed well.

All in all, we could attract an average of 400,000 new installations per month. On average, 5,000 of them made a purchase just a day after installation.


Cooperation with Aliexpress gave us a lot of experience we can use to serve small and medium businesses. The key was to test many approaches, identify winning ones, and scale fast.

Since this was a blockbuster campaign, we’ve always been proud of what we did. This campaign established us as one of the most effective marketing teams.