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Yulia Nekrasova
Mon Apr 24 2023

Mobile User Acquisition Services

What Is User Acquisition?

User acquisition is a critical digital marketing strategy. It involves attracting new users to a product or service. User acquisition services help to increase the number of active users and overall revenue for apps and mobile games.

Customer Acquisition Challenges

The main customer acquisition challenge is each platform has its set of unique principles and methods. We need to understand ‘channel-specific techniques’ to acquire users effectively.

The goal of successful user acquisition is not to attract as many users as possible but to acquire the most qualified users, who are more likely to engage with the product or service.

That’s why you need effective solutions for your customer acquisition campaigns.

How Do You Choose A User Acquisition Service?

Choose a user acquisition service focusing on the biggest Ad platforms such as Google Ads, Meta Ads, TikTok Ads and cover over ten other Ad platforms.

This multichannel approach gives you sophisticated and targeted advertising campaigns. You can target by demographics, user interests, behaviors, and other attributes. Google Ads, for example, allows mobile app promotion via Universal App Campaigns (UAC) which has good optimization features. Apple Ads, on the other hand, provides good quality traffic for iOS apps, while Unity has a good inventory for promoting mobile games.

Choose a highly qualified team for your user acquisition campaign. A team that regularly takes part in training courses, passes tests, and receives certification from reputable advertising platforms.

Working with recommended Advertising and marketing partners gives you a competitive edge. For example, TikTok Ads is one of the most potential and fast-growing platforms in mobile app advertising. A recommended agency can test the newest updates, get premium support, and leverage algorithm changes faster than others.

As you know, each platform gives different results depending on the use case, app, or campaign. Choosing a reputable agency gives you a wide pool of talent for each user acquisition channel.

A team that masters the principles of modern platforms can engage the right audience, maximize user retention, and boost client revenues.

At  Mobihunter, we focus on the largest Ad Platforms, we are a premier advertising partner with a highly qualified team.

How Does Mobile User Acquisition Work?

Mobihunter understands…revenue is King. So we had to make user acquisition one of our biggest strengths. Over the past 7 years of successful work, Mobihunter gained so much experience promoting mobile apps that we developed our advertising campaign optimization algorithm. We also created a Business Intelligence platform for better performance, process optimization, and seamless customer experience.

Mobihunter brings you expertise in user acquisition for different verticals and different user acquisition channels. We can scale winning eCommerce strategies effectively to other niches, such as games, financial services, and mobile applications. Our unique integrated marketing approach helps create effective and profitable advertising campaigns.

How Does Mobile User Acquisition Work?

User acquisition works through various methods, such as Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Influencer Marketing, and many more.

  1. When starting a new project, our team first studies the product, its features, weaknesses, and strengths. Our ideas and approaches to attract the target audience are generated based on existing data.
  2. When the preparations are done, the team starts testing, which usually takes 1-4 weeks, depending on the project.
  3. After that, our team analyzes the data obtained from the test in detail, and draws conclusions. After consulting the client, we develop a further action plan based on accurate data.
  4. Our team moves to the scaling phase when everyone is satisfied with the results. This is the most exciting stage of our work. Having all the necessary data, a perfect understanding of the product and audience, we work on increasing sales and download volumes. We hit key indicators and improve KPIs after analyzing real-time data.

Your Advantage: What’s In For You?

You get to use Mobihunter’s extensive experience in various niches to solve almost any marketing problem. While most in-house teams are deprived of this opportunity, Mobihunter works on a diverse range of products. Chances are, we’ve already promoted products and services like yours successfully.

  1. Mobihunter is an official Advertising partner of leading advertising platforms, such as TikTok, Meta, Google, etc.
  2. Be on the frontline to receive information about beta tests, and benchmarks of similar products.
  3. Solve technical issues and questions about the moderation of creatives and texts 2x faster than other teams.
  4. Mobihunter takes responsibility for the result and client success. We work with a hard KPI and a win-win revenue share model.
  5. We have a lot of experience in various markets. Utilize winning and tested geo-specific advertising approaches.
  6. Get personalized marketing approaches optimized to give the best result.
  7. Our KAIZEN approach carefully analyzes the previous data, past performance indicators, and does data-driven marketing for subsequent campaigns.

Mobihunter’s team of media buyers, strategists, and designers work together to bring the best art, copy, and results. Do you want to acquire more users for your mobile app or game? Let’s hit your next marketing goals together.