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Yulia Nekrasova
Tue May 02 2023

ASO services

What Is App Store Optimization or ASO?

ASO (App Store Optimization), is a vital process of gaining rank and visibility in a highly competitive app store. It involves optimizing the app's metadata, including the app title, description, and keywords, to rank higher in app store search results. ASO also involves improving user engagement by creating attractive app icons, screenshots, and videos, as well as encouraging positive reviews and ratings from users.

Why Do I Need App Store Optimization?

With over 5 million mobile apps available in app stores, the competition to gain users' attention is fierce.

Therefore, implementing a well-executed ASO strategy is critical to attracting and retaining users, improving app discoverability, and ultimately driving revenue.

In addition, a well-made ASO positively influences the conversion rate between app store visitors and downloaders. It helps to decrease the Cost Per Install when using paid Ads.

Overall, ASO is a dynamic and ongoing process that requires a holistic approach to improve app discoverability, user engagement, and ultimately, the app's success in the competitive app store environment.

How To Do App Store Optimization?

The ultimate objective of ASO is to boost organic app downloads by improving its discoverability among potential users who are searching for specific keywords. An app store optimization specialist achieves this through several strategies including:

  • Performing extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and popular search terms for the app's target audience.
  • Analyzing the app's metadata, including its title, description, and other fields.
  • Optimizing these keywords to improve its chances of ranking higher in app store search results.
  • Optimizing visual elements such as the app icon, screenshots, and video previews to attract users and convey the app's unique value proposition effectively. T
  • Creating high-quality visual elements compelling enough to showcase the app's features and benefits.

Additionally, positive user reviews and ratings are also crucial to improve app visibility and ranking in the app store. ASO also encourages users to leave feedback. We have to respond to user comments and concerns that can significantly impact the app's reputation and user engagement.

An ASO specialist will perform continuous monitoring and analysis of key performance metrics such as app store ranking, download volume, and user engagement to identify areas of improvement and refine the ASO strategy over time.

What  Is An App Store Optimization Service?

ASO services are fully customized operations to help you get more downloads and conversions for your mobile app. At Mobihunter, we utilize cutting-edge industry tools and techniques to carefully analyze and assess the performance of your mobile application. With this approach, we consistently achieve exceptional results for many apps.

Our ASO services include:

  • Design of Icons, screenshots, and video previews.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • App Category Analysis.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Creating the Semantic Core.
  • App Description Writing.

How Do I Increase My ASO in the App Store?

Conducting successful user acquisition campaigns can help increase our app store ranking significantly. Mobihunter pays attention to good graphic materials as well as app descriptions. We choose attention-grabbing screenshots and video previews to help our clients get more organic users and decrease the costs of paid advertising.

Mobihunter’s ASO experts are highly skilled in managing and creating app monetization through ASO. By leveraging real-time mobile data, we can optimize your app's performance in the app store and develop effective pre-launch and post-launch strategies.

Since 2015, we've been providing ASO services, assisting countless apps and games in optimizing their visibility on both the App Store and Google Play Store. As a result, We increase downloads and decrease user acquisition costs. Want to talk? Simply fill in the form above.