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Yulia Nekrasova
Wed Apr 10 2024

Tile Mansion Creative Production Case Study

The Client

Tile Mansion - Puzzle & Design is a mobile game that combines the addictive gameplay of tile-matching puzzles with the creativity of interior design. Players are tasked with solving challenging puzzles by matching colorful tiles and unlocking new levels, all while designing and decorating luxurious mansions. With its engaging gameplay mechanics and visually stunning graphics, Tile Mansion offers hours of entertainment and allows players to unleash their creativity as they transform ordinary spaces into magnificent masterpieces.


A client approached us to create advertising creatives for Tile Mansion - Puzzle & Design. Our team has years of experience in creating engaging creatives, and we were excited to collaborate with our client in 2021.

The Process

Our creative team started working with the client, using their script and essential elements, such as main characters, game interface recording, and more. We added special effects and sounds while meeting the client's script and deadline. We always send the client the creative in advance to get their feedback and edits. Usually we submitted the work in four formats: vertical, horizontal, square, and 4:5.

We are always ready to help write scripts for creatives and suggest approaches to advertising mobile applications and games. Our team knows a lot of concepts and approaches to creating advertising creatives such as: gameplay, fail and succeed, noob/pro, streamer/storytelling, people playing on the phone in the background of gameplay, annoyed/happy person playing on phone, before/after, direct speech from the character of the game, promo/unique offer (a promise to get something upon installation - set of bonuses) and ect. And we of course consider the audience's interests.

Usually we work with several departments at once to create creatives from scratch and write scripts: media buyer departments that suggest what will work in a particular case, project managers who present the client's request, and designers who suggest how each idea can be implemented.


After two years of successful collaboration with Tile Mansion - Puzzle & Design, Mobihunter helped create captivating creatives for Google, Facebook, and TikTok ads. With our expertise in mobile app advertising, we offer invaluable insights into effective advertising approaches, delivering multiple creatives tailored to diverse audience interests and preferences.