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Yulia Nekrasova
Fri Apr 26 2024

Game of Sultans Case Study

The Client

Game of Sultans is a captivating mobile game that transports players into the heart of the Ottoman Empire, where they assume the role of a powerful sultan. As rulers, players must navigate the complexities of palace politics, forge alliances, build armies, and expand their influence to secure their dynasty's legacy.

With its immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and strategic depth, Game of Sultans has garnered widespread popularity among gamers worldwide. Its blend of empire-building, strategic warfare, and role-playing elements offers players a unique and engaging gaming experience. Moreover, regular updates, events, and social features keep the game fresh and exciting, fostering a vibrant community of players who eagerly compete and collaborate to dominate the empire.

Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 2

Collecting Data & Reaching CPI


A/B Test, Collect Data & Reach CPI


The client approached Mobihunter to expand the game's user base in the Europe, US and Canada markets, a region they hadn't previously penetrated. Together, we established KPIs and opted for a CPI-based cooperation model. Our initial focus was on data collection and achieving the desired CPI through A/B testing.

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Stage 2

Week 3 - Week 7

Increasing DNU


Optimizing Campaigns & Scaling User Acquisition


With valuable data collected in Stage 1, we optimized campaigns to increase daily user acquisitions. By refining targeting, creatives, and ad placements, we notably increased new users. Daily user volumes surged from 500-600 to 700-800, marking a significant milestone in the game's expansion.

The leading platforms on which we launched advertising campaigns were Google and Facebook. Typically, Google gave a cheaper CPI of around $3, while Facebook campaigns had a CPI of around $4.

Stage 3

Week 8 - Week 12

Increasing DNU and Reducing CPI


Attract New Users and Reduce CPI cost


As we entered Stage 3 of our partnership with Game of Sultans, our primary focus shifted towards maximizing daily user acquisition while concurrently lowering the Cost Per Install (CPI). To achieve this dual objective, we implemented a multifaceted strategy that involved refining our targeting parameters and testing new creative approaches such as noob/pro, fail and succeed, and we also used fascinating stories in order to involve the user as much as possible.

By leveraging advanced targeting capabilities and audience insights, we optimized our campaigns to reach users with a higher propensity to install and engage with Game of Sultans. The CPI reduced from $4 on Facebook and $3 on Google to $3.3 and $2.5 accordingly.

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Stage 4

Week 13 - Week 16

Consolidating Success & Long-term Growth


Retention Optimization & Scaling Strategies


In the final stage, our focus shifted to consolidating our achievements and laying the groundwork for long-term growth. To sustain momentum, we implemented retention optimization strategies and scaled user acquisition efforts. By leveraging data-driven insights and strategic planning, we positioned Game of Sultans for continued success in the competitive mobile gaming landscape.


Our Mobihunter team successfully expanded Game of Sultans' user base through strategic collaboration and data-driven approaches. By optimizing campaigns, exploring new territories, and prioritizing user retention, we achieved significant milestones in enhancing the game's reach and engagement. Our partnership with Game of Sultans remains poised for continued growth and success in the dynamic mobile gaming industry.