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Yulia Nekrasova
Wed Aug 02 2023

Real Boxing Case study

The Client

Real Boxing is a thrilling mobile game that offers an immersive boxing experience for users. The game boasts realistic graphics and animations which simulate the intensity of a real boxing match. Real Boxing has customizable characters, various game modes, and players.

Users can train and compete in a virtual boxing ring against opponents from around the world. Real Boxing also features an intuitive control system that allows players to throw punches, block, dodge, and counter with precision. Additionally, the app offers a variety of mini-games that help players improve their skills and earn virtual rewards.

We started our work with Real Boxing in 2020, promoting the game for both IOS and Android.

Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 2

Collecting Data & Reaching CPI


A/B Test, Collect Data & Reach CPI


When getting started, our primary objective was to conduct A/B testing on campaigns to gather data. We surveyed available media options in search of the most effective means of reaching our target audience. After testing various advertising platforms we found the optimal solution - Facebook Ads.

Our initial tests determined the Cost Per Install for Real Boxing. The clients' goals were relatively high.

  1. To have a 56% Payback on the 3rd day after installation.
  2. To have a 75% payback on the 7th day after installation.

We agreed on a CPI model of cooperation and started our work.

Stage 2

Week 3 - Week 11

Increasing The Number Of Users & Reaching KPI


To Attract Users To The Real Boxing Game


We started our work on the US geo. The main goal was to increase ROAS and traffic volume while reducing CPI. By testing different creatives, we managed to reach the following indicators:

  • CPI about $2.
  • 7-day ROAS 85%.

After fulfilling all the client's conditions, he was satisfied and suggested we start working on another geo - Brazil. On this geo, we also tried different creative approaches that triggered the user to download and try the game.

After successful launches on Facebook, we decided to launch advertising campaigns also on Unity and TikTok.

Since we brought good results to the client, we decided to change the CPI cooperation model to a pro-rata basis.

Stage 3

Week 12- Week 25

Increasing The Number Of Users & Reaching KPI, Reaching new GEOs


To Attract Users To The Real Boxing Game from new GEOs


Since we already tested many different Ad platforms and various geos, the client entrusted us to launch campaigns for the following geos:

1) The US,

2) Brazil,

3) Tier 1 (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Israel, Sweden, New Zealand, Norway, Australia, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan)

4) Worldwide.

All these campaigns differed in rates and paybacks. In this 3rd stage, we launched advertising campaigns on Facebook, Tiktok, Unity, and also ran some Ad text on Xiaomi.

We also launched a unique advertising campaign. Our client had an advertising deal with Manny Pacquiao. And the Real Boxing team made the character of this famous boxer in their game. So we made creatives trade-naming Manny Pacquiao, which gave a high CTR and brought in a lot of users.

Stage 4

Week 26 - Week 47

Planning and Growth & Keeping KPIs With Active User Downtime


To Increase Brand Awareness, And Increase Purchases


In the final stage, the client decided to tighten the hard KPI. Thus, the new ROAS target by the third day became 65%. On TikTok, the figure was even higher - 70%. But despite this, we still managed to hit the client's KPI and bring results.

We reduced the CPI on the US geo as follows:

  • We narrowed the audience to M18+ on TikTok (ROAS increased, CPI decreased).
  • Also, we experimented with interests on FB (fans of box, mobile games, fighting games), yet CPI slightly increased. Nevertheless, there were more purchases (100% 7-day ROAS).

After these tests, we came up with a CPI of less than $1.5. The 7-day ROAS - 113% and the number of installations became over 2000/month in the US geo.

During the year of cooperation, we attracted almost 500,000 new users on IOS and 320,000 new users on Android. Also, Facebook become the top traffic source, since most users came from it in all countries.


We worked on different niches, tested different approaches, and got desired results. The client came to us aiming few geos, but from the results, he was already ready to work worldwide. In addition, the client trusted us not only in expanding the geos but also in expanding the number of advertising platforms.

Cooperation with the Real Boxing project is an excellent example of scaling and having models that work for both parties.