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Yulia Nekrasova
Fri Sep 15 2023

Prom.ua Case Study

The Client

Prom.ua is an innovative online marketplace that has transformed the e-commerce industry in Ukraine since its inception in 2012. It has become a popular platform that offers a wide range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Prom.ua is committed to providing an outstanding shopping experience by introducing unique features that distinguish it from other marketplaces.

Its user-friendly interface and advanced search functionalities enable customers to explore and compare products from various categories, including electronics, fashion, and home goods.

Prom.ua prides itself on maintaining a secure and trustworthy customer environment by collaborating exclusively with reputable sellers and implementing strict quality control measures. It prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering competitive pricing, flexible payment options, and prompt delivery services.

By keeping up with the digital landscape's changing demands, Prom.ua continues to be the preferred online shopping destination for enthusiasts throughout Ukraine, setting new standards for excellence in the e-commerce industry.

Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 6

Collecting Data & Testing


A/B Test, Collect Data


Our collaboration started with advertising on TikTok. During the testing phase, we achieved positive results. However, we had to halt all campaigns several weeks later due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As a result, TikTok ads were no longer allowing campaign launches. Despite this setback, we gathered valuable data from successful campaigns to help us plan for future ones.

Stage 2

Week 12 - Week 20

Gain Users at a Reduced Expense by Concentrating on the Cost Per Install (CPI) Metric


Manage the Campaign and Enhance the Events According to the Client's Goal


The Prom.ua team decided to outsource the management of their Facebook campaigns to us at this stage of our cooperation. We agreed on an agency commission model for our ongoing collaboration.

The client's main objective was to acquire users at a low cost, so they closely monitored their CPI.

Our approach was to conduct a test and optimize for purchases, as this was the client's event goal. We were successful in minimizing the purchase price. Our work has yielded positive results, such as:

  • A 47.8% increase in installs.
  • A 106.8% increase in purchases.

Stage 3

Week 20 - Week 25

To Optimize Facebook Campaigns for Generating Installs at the Most Affordable Prices


Optimize Facebook Campaigns for Maximum User Acquisition while Minimizing the Cost Per Install (CPI)


The team at Prom.ua had to adjust our priorities, which led us to optimize campaigns for the lowest cost per install. As a result, we achieved an average price of less than $0.30 per install.

Through analysis, we have identified the most effective creatives for our campaigns. These include feed format ads (catalogs), video creatives featuring popular product categories such as clothing, dishes, and bedding, as well as unpacking videos.

Unpacking videos have proven to be particularly successful in converting users. Please see the examples below for reference:

Stage 4

Week 25 - Present

Increase Advertising Reach and Discover New Platforms


Implement the Expansion of Advertising Efforts and Integrate New Platforms into the Campaign Strategy


We are pleased to report that our collaboration with Facebook is going well, and we are committed to improving our advertising campaigns.

Our partnership has been successful so far, and we plan to expand our efforts and explore new platforms to increase our reach and engagement even more.

Besides Facebook, we are considering using various ad networks to enhance our campaign strategy. These platforms offer distinct advantages and broader audiences, enabling us to tap into new markets and connect creatively with potential customers.

Cover image

Our Contributions Have Helped to Expand Prom.ua's Online Marketplace

In our partnership with Prom.ua, we have observed an impressive expansion and achievement of their online marketplace. Our collaboration has been marked by adaptability, strategic optimizations, and a mutual dedication to excellence.

It serves as a noteworthy example of how concentrating on in-app events can enhance performance and boost ROI. Our team can identify and select the most suitable in-app event for optimization by analyzing data.