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Yulia Nekrasova
Wed Aug 16 2023

PokerUp Case Study

The Client

In 2018, PokerUp emerged as a social networking platform exclusively designed for avid poker players. Its unique blend of community features and poker-related content swiftly attracted attention and became a hit among enthusiasts worldwide.

PokerUp's virtual poker tables provided a space for players to connect, share experiences, and engage in friendly competition. Its user-friendly interface, seamless gameplay, and top-notch security measures were key to its widespread acclaim.

PokerUp successfully bridged the gap between online and offline poker communities, creating a virtual haven for seasoned professionals and aspiring players to interact, learn, and improve their skills.

Its meteoric rise in the industry was a testament to its commitment to fostering a lively and inclusive online poker community. As a result, PokerUp garnered an unmatched level of engagement, and a devoted following propelled it to the forefront of the poker world.

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Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 2

Collecting Data & Reaching CPI


A/B Test, Collect Data & Reach CPI


Our team developed a worldwide marketing strategy for PokerUp to meet the client's global traffic needs. Our main goal was to drive app installations and establish a strong user base.

We launched a comprehensive marketing campaign targeting poker enthusiasts through various channels, such as social media platforms and mobile ad networks.

We opted for the CPA cooperation model to meet the client's objective of increasing registrations. The client's key performance indicator (KPI) was a retention rate of over 30%.

Stage 2

Week 3 - Week 16

Drive App Installations


Multi-Channel Advertising


Our poker application faced stiff competition, and we had to deal with strict betting limits. We realized that the conventional approach to promotion might not yield desirable results, so we put our heads together to develop creative strategies.

Our marketing campaigns emphasized the social aspect of the game, highlighting how players could get to know each other or even learn how to play poker to participate in offline tournaments.

These approaches proved to be successful, especially among our worldwide target audience. However, after conducting some tests, we identified that the US, CA, and ID markets were particularly promising, so we put extra effort into targeting audiences in those regions.

Stage 3

Week 16 - Week 26

Increase The Number of Users, Traffic Optimization, and Find New Traffic Sources


Increase The Number of Users, Optimize Traffic, and Find and Test New Traffic Sources


Our team put a strong emphasis on increasing app installations and visibility for PokerUp, a new market app. We implemented a multi-channel advertising strategy that included platforms such as Facebook and mobile ad networks, successfully reaching a wide audience of poker enthusiasts.

Targeted ad campaigns emphasized the app's unique features, seamless gameplay, and competitive tournaments. After analyzing performance, we discovered that BR and GB geos performed particularly well. To maximize results, we created more personalized ads for these audiences.

To continue driving downloads, we focused on a creative approach that involved finding triggers that would resonate with users. One strategy we employed was comparing PokerUp to competitor games, highlighting objective advantages that set it apart. These efforts resulted in a daily download rate of 3000-5000, satisfying our client's goals.

We Helped PockerUp Success Soar in a Competitive Online Poker Industry

Our team executed a multi-faceted user acquisition campaign for the PokerUp app, which aimed to create a buzz, boost app installations, and grow the user base among avid poker players.

The strategy employed a range of tactics to achieve these goals and was designed to be both comprehensive and targeted. Thanks to utilizing various marketing channels, we achieved significant results for PokerUp.

Our team continuously monitored, optimized, and adapted to insights, which allowed us to drive user acquisition and contribute to the ongoing success of PokerUp in the highly competitive online poker industry.