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Yulia Nekrasova
Mon Apr 10 2023

Joom: Shopping for every day. E-commerce Case Study

The Client

Joom is an affordable e-commerce shopping platform that has disrupted the online shopping industry for quite some time. With over 250 million users, Joom is a global marketplace offering its customers an unparalleled shopping experience.

The Joom mobile app, with over 100 million downloads, provides a seamless shopping experience for users worldwide.

The company attributes its success to customer satisfaction, a personalized shopping experience, and easy returns.

Joom's dedication to providing quality products at affordable prices has made it a household name. Joom’s fast-paced expansion to new markets makes it one of the leading shopping platforms.

Mobihunter started working with Joom in 2016 and tested many Ad platforms like Google, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 7

Collecting Data, Reaching CPI


To A/B Test, Collect Data, and Reach CPI


Similar to any marketing strategy, data plays a critical role. Initially, our primary objective was gathering data, then comprehending the client's Cost Per Install (CPI.)

In this stage, we chose the CPI model of cooperation. Existing data points were vital for our subsequent marketing endeavors. We conducted A/B tests on Facebook to achieve our objectives and collaborated with the Joom team to review and analyze the results.

Additionally, we established Key Performance Indicators as a way to gauge the campaign's effectiveness.

Stage 2

Week 8- Week 45

Increase The Number Of Users And Purchases


To Increase The Number Of solvent Users, Purchases


After analyzing the data, we agreed on a revenue share cooperation model with the client. This type of risk reversal ensures the client does not lose anything.

We continued to create Ad creatives for Facebook and Google, testing different approaches, and updating Ad creatives.

The main task was to attract a solvent audience who would make purchases within 7 days after installing the app. As a proven strategy, we developed specific methods and made many calculations to understand the payback period of each campaign.

We found that if users pay off by 60% on the third day of the Ad campaign, then in 7 days, the advertising campaign would be profitable. We could calculate all the steps and manage resources prudently based on data and in-depth analysis.

Over time, the client decided to build an in-house team of media buyers for these platforms. Therefore, even though we gave a good result, the client began to launch Facebook and Google Ads himself.

During the launch of advertising campaigns on Facebook, we concluded that the catalog Ad format gave the best results for e-commerce applications.

In the end, we started testing other traffic sources like TikTok, Snapchat, and Xiaomi.

Stage 3

Week 46- Week 64

Boost User Count, Optimize Traffic, and Attract a solvent Audience


Enhance User Count, Traffic Optimization, and Attract a solvent Audience


In this stage of cooperation, we continued with the revenue-share model of collaboration.

But the client changed the percentage paid slightly. Due to this, the download volumes were reduced, so we focused on maximum revenue generation.

We started to show more margin products in advertising campaigns. This had a direct impact on the average order value. Thus, the average order value increased significantly.

To maximize the effectiveness of our campaigns, we targeted a financially stable audience likely to make repeated purchases. Our attention was directed towards the European market, and the most successful locations were France, Germany, and the UK.

Stage 4

Week 65 - Week 76

Increase Brand Awareness and Increase Purchases


Planning and Growth With Active User Downtime


Our primary objective was to expand our customer base by increasing brand awareness and acquiring new, qualified customers. Thus we started running TikTok Ad campaigns.

Mobihunter is one of the certified TikTok partners - a big advantage for our customers. Thus, we were the first to receive technical support, test new advertising features, and enjoy loyal moderation. All these advantages are reflected in the client’s results. We had many successful developments and strategies on this platform.

We implemented a creative approach and tested different Ads, ranging from product attributes for automobiles, and smartphones to construction tools and accessories. Many of our creatives performed exceptionally well.

These Ad campaigns run for the EU market, with France and Romania being the most successful locations.

We continued launching campaigns on TikTok, tested new traffic sources like Traffic Junky, and optimized current campaigns.


Working with Joom was one of the most effective partnerships, as the client was very open and shared information with us about their goals and plans for new markets. From our side, we always conduct a deep analysis to give the desired result for the client.

As a result, we attracted an average of 750,000 new installations per month, and on average, 20,000 of these installations led to a purchase within the first week. We see how client feedback and data-driven campaigns help produce long-term and effective partnerships.