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Yulia Nekrasova
Thu Oct 19 2023

Influencer marketing Case Study: Twin Tiles

The Client

Twin Tiles-Tile Match Master is a puzzle game designed for mobile devices that puts players' memory and matching skills to the test. Since its release in early 2022, the game has gained widespread popularity among gaming enthusiasts due to its addictive gameplay and visually appealing design.

Twin Tiles is a game that requires you to match tiles that look the same and clear the board before time runs out. As you progress, the levels get more complicated and require you to think fast. With different levels of difficulty and exciting features, Twin Tiles-Tile Match Master has become popular among gamers all over the world.

Currently, the game is played by puzzle enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds in over 50 countries, making it a beloved pastime worldwide.

The Process

Our client approached us with a challenging request to launch their game, Twin Tiles-Tile Match Master, in the highly competitive Chinese gaming market. This market poses unique challenges due to its relatively closed-off nature, with several advertising platforms commonly used in Western regions being unavailable in China. To overcome this challenge and make the game popular in China, our client decided to explore influencer marketing services. They believed this approach would be effective due to the immense reach and impact of social media platforms in the country.

After analyzing several Chinese social networks, including Sina Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, Tencent QQ, Baidu Tieba, Tencent Video, and Zhihu, we concluded that Douyin was the optimal advertising platform for the game.

Because of its resemblance to TikTok and a vast community of influential bloggers, Douyin was a profitable choice. Douyin's viral video nature and its ability to integrate native content created an engaging experience for the audience, greatly increasing the chances of success.

To ensure maximum reach and exposure, the marketing team collaborated with 58 influential bloggers who had up to one million subscribers and around 500,000 views. From this, the client had a wide range of options to choose from to select the most appropriate influencers for their campaign. Together with the client, we picked the six most suitable bloggers, and the integrations were launched.

You can find a list of several integrations below:

The Results

The influencer marketing campaign was a great success. All the integration details with the selected bloggers were carefully planned and approved, resulting in the creation of six videos. These videos collectively received over a million views, which helped in reaching out to a wider audience. As a result, Twin Tiles-Tile Match Master received over 100,000 downloads, which made the game one of the top 10 most downloaded games on the Chinese App Store.

The success of the "sheep game" trend in the Chinese market was greatly aided by the strategic promotion carried out by popular local bloggers. The audience's positive feedback and recognition played a significant role in the game's achievement of outstanding results.

The Mobihunter team successfully implemented an effective marketing strategy to promote Twin Tiles-Tile Match Master in the competitive Chinese gaming market. The client expressed great satisfaction with the outcome and praised the team's professionalism.

The collaboration between the client and our marketing agency showcased the power of influencer marketing in driving brand awareness and user acquisition. Overall, the campaign was a great success and brought the game into the spotlight.