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Yulia Nekrasova
Mon Jul 31 2023

Hyper-personalized astrology & horoscope Case Study

The Client

Hint is an astrology and horoscope app that offers hyper-personalized insights and guidance based on users' birth charts and astrological profiles.

It has a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, making it a virtual astrological companion. Hint provides accurate and personalized predictions, in-depth analysis, and practical advice on various life aspects.

Users can access their daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, get personalized predictions for love, career, and finances, and gain a better understanding of their astrological influences.

With the power of astrology, Hint helps individuals make informed decisions, overcome life's challenges, and unlock their true potential.

The Challenge

When we started working with Hint, we aimed to make their app a reliable source for individualized astrology and horoscope readings.

We wanted to draw in a dedicated user community that would frequently use the app, get personalized predictions, and spread the word about their experiences.

Our partnership began when astrology and spirituality were gaining popularity, giving us a chance to tap into a specific market looking for personalized advice.

Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 2

Collecting Data & Reaching KPI


A/B Test, Collect Data & Reach KPI


Initially, our main goal was to gather important information by conducting thorough A/B testing campaigns. We aimed to comprehend how users interacted with the app, recognize significant conversion points, and establish the most effective techniques for attracting users.

We specifically focused on optimizing for subscriptions as per the client's request for an audience that would be interested in purchasing a subscription later on.

We employed various tactics to attract users, such as offering personalized horoscope readings and eligibility checks for free. These strategies aim to capture the audience's attention, build trust, and inspire them to explore the app further.

Our cooperation model with this project was similar to an agency fee. The client provided an advertising budget for the test, and we charged a 15% fee from the budget.

This model was effective as it allowed us to test multiple features and targets. For key performance indicators (KPIs), we set parameters such as ROAS for 8 days, and our advertising campaigns had to generate ROI relevant to these costs.

We primarily used Facebook and TikTok to promote the app. And since the subscription model is the most significant in-app event for these types of apps, we focused on Tier 1 countries to achieve our goals.

Stage 2

Week 3 - Week 11

Increasing the Number of Users & Reaching KPI


User Acquisition and KPI Achievement


Based on our analysis of the test campaigns, we decided to allocate an additional budget to the Facebook platform. We focused on specific geos, such as US, JP, GB, FR, and TR.

During this phase, we mainly aimed to increase the user base of the Hint app and achieve our KPIs.

To achieve this, we refined our marketing strategies and targeted demographics and interests related to astrology, spirituality, and personal growth. We found that videos with animation performed well among the creatives.

Stage 3

Week 12 - Week 25

Increasing the Number of Users & Reaching KPI, Expanding into New GEOs


User Acquisition in New Geographic Regions


During our third stage of cooperation, we switched to a CPA cooperation mode. By this point, we had gathered enough data and gained the knowledge necessary to optimize campaigns and achieve a low CPA rate.

Although our volume decreased, we aimed to maintain a minimum of 1000 installs daily.

We continually monitored and analyzed campaign performance to identify successful user segments. Our focus was mainly on geos, such as the US and GB, which had shown the best performance.

We also collaborated with our video production team to improve our results because creatives with actors resulted in lower CPA rates.

Our Performance With the Hint App Surpassed Expectations

At Mobihunter agency, our partnership with Hint was a game-changer. We established their app as a top-tier astrology and horoscope platform using data-based tactics, focused user acquisition campaigns, and prioritizing personalization and community building.

As a result, we attracted a dedicated user base and exceeded all client goals. This project showcased our ability to stay ahead of trends and deliver outstanding outcomes for our mobile app industry clients.