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Yulia Nekrasova
Wed Aug 09 2023

Easypay Case Study

The Client

EasyPay is a mobile financial management application launched in Ukraine in 2019. Its innovative features have gained a loyal user base—and for a good reason.

The user-friendly platform helps individuals to track expenses, set budget goals, and receive real-time notifications, giving them complete control over their finances.

One significant feature of EasyPay is its integration with major banks, allowing users to link accounts, transfer funds, and make payments with a simple tap on their smartphones. EasyPay prioritizes user safety with biometric authentication and encrypted transactions.

The app provides personalized insights through advanced analytics, empowering users to make informed financial decisions and improve their economic well-being.

EasyPay simplifies splitting bills among friends, managing subscriptions, and tracking credit card transactions. It has revolutionized the way people manage their finances since its inception in 2019.

Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 2

Collecting Data & Reaching CPI


A/B Test, Collect Data & Reach CPI


Our primary promotional platform for EasyPay was Facebook, which focused on increasing installs and registrations, ultimately leading to purchases. We established a key performance indicator (KPI) of a 50% conversion rate from sign-up to purchase to measure success.

We aimed to attract highly engaged users who regularly use the app's features. We conducted extensive A/B testing of various creative approaches on Facebook, meticulously evaluating the performance of each promotional campaign.

We presented our findings to the EasyPay team, and after collaborative discussions, we agreed to implement a Revenue Share cooperation model for future endeavors.

Stage 2

Week 3 - Week 16

Increase The Number of Users, Reach KPI


Attracting New Users to the EasyPay App, Increase Brand Awareness


After a detailed study of the application's features, we discovered a relevant function—paying utility bills online.

Our creative team developed various features, including:

These features successfully addressed people's frustration with waiting in line at the bank and highlighted the convenience of using EasyPay to pay bills in 10 seconds. As a result, we achieved over 500 daily installs, with these users later making payments with EasyPay.

Stage 3

Week 12 - Week 27

Increase the Number of Users, Traffic Optimization, and Find New Traffic Sources


ncrease the Number of Users, Optimize Traffic, and Find & Test New Traffic Sources


During our collaboration, our focus was on discovering new traffic sources. We recommended TikTok to the client, and they agreed to try it out.

We tested various methods and found that while TikTok generated positive results, Facebook provided more traffic and better returns.

Nevertheless, we persisted in our efforts to achieve even better outcomes. In consultation with the client, we decided to keep promoting ads on TikTok as part of our Brand Awareness strategy.

Stage 4

Week 28 - Week 47

Growth in the Number of New Users Within the Established KPIs


Increase Brand Awareness, and Increase the Number of Users


During our last collaboration stage, we worked on optimizing our presence on Facebook and expanding our traffic sources by partnering with Xiaomi and AppNext.

Our primary goal was to showcase the advantages of our Android application in a highly competitive market with a growing number of banking apps. Despite the challenges, we successfully achieved our objectives and attracted over 60,000 new users from Facebook.

Our Assistance Contributed to EasyPay's Success

We were able to help EasyPay achieve its goals and experience significant growth by implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Our focus on social media platforms, specifically Facebook and TikTok, attracted many active and engaged users to the EasyPay mobile application.

Through analysis and adapting our approach based on data-driven insights, we helped EasyPay revolutionize financial management in Ukraine and establish itself as a leading player in the industry.

Our collaboration demonstrates the power of digital marketing strategies in driving growth and achieving business objectives.