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Yulia Nekrasova
Thu Mar 30 2023

Onfy: eCommerce Platform For The Best Health Deals

The Challenge

We started working on this project from scratch. We didn’t have proven metrics to start with. So the goals, approaches, tasks, and cooperation models kept changing over time.

Therefore, the very first goal of the project was to A/B test campaigns to collect data.

We looked for a media that would reach the target audience effectively. We tested several advertising platforms.

The Bigpharma niche on the other hand, gave us myriads of strict rules on how f Ads should be. Therefore, we understood all the rules in this highly regulated niche.

This was enhanced by good teamwork between the Mobihunter Marketing team and Onfy lawyers. They helped us make right decisions on what to show the target audience as per German law.

Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 2

collect data, reach CPI


A/B test, collect data, reach CPI


In the first two weeks, the main goal was to A/B test and collect data. Then the second important goal was understanding the client's CPI cost since we needed this indicator for future work. Therefore, we conducted a/b tests on Ads, discussed all the results with the client, and agreed on the terms of further cooperation.

Here are our split test Ads.

Stage 2

Week 3- Week 9

find the target audience, increase the number of users


increase the number of users and purchases


Next, we had to agree on the CPI model of cooperation.

Since the app was new and the goal was to increase the number of users as soon as possible - we started Ad campaigns on Facebook and Tiktok. Facebook and TikTok were the 2 main traffic sources for this stage. But apart from that, we also tested Ads on Xiaomi.

For different audiences, we chose certain products for advertising, tracking their seasonality and popularity, and testing different creatives each time Onfy scaled more and more in the number of downloads.

The number of installs increased by 280% from Tiktok, and by 738% from Facebook!

Stage 3

Week 10 - Week 16

traffic optimization, attracting a solvent audience


optimize traffic, and attract targeted customers who will make purchases


For the traffic optimization stage, we switched to a revenue share cooperation model, which was most suitable. For all the campaigns, we decided to optimize for a solvent audience as it was one of the main goals. We were mainly focusing on Facebook Ad campaigns, as they were more relevant for traffic optimization. One of the next, not obvious traffic sources was Snapchat. And so, we tested Snapchat to scale our client's project

At this stage, we optimized traffic and doubled the number of app downloads through Facebook ads. Moreover, we attracted a solvent audience that made more purchases.

Stage 4

Week 16 - Week 25

increase brand awareness, continue to increase purchases


optimize traffic, attract targeted customers who will make purchases, and increase brand awareness and traffic through opinion leaders


We wanted to optimize traffic, attract targeted customers who would make purchases, and increase brand awareness traffic through opinion leaders.

Onfy team looked for advertising and relationship bloggers. Our inhouse influencer marketing team proved valuable in offering them our services. Therefore, we continued testing new approaches and creatives. Influencer marketing was the best method to attract more solvent audiences and increase brand awareness.


Despite the specific niche and the complexity of the approach to creatives due to different rules, we achieved the result that the client expected. Onfy increased the number of installs by 280% from Tiktok, and by 738%. We optimized traffic to double the number of app downloads through Facebook ads.

Our six years of experience working with different niches and deep expertise helped us cope with all the difficulties on the way to the client's goal. Thus, we always offer options that will suit both parties and lead to a positive return on Adspend.