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Yulia Nekrasova
Mon Mar 13 2023

PUBG Mobile: Top Battle Royale Mobile Game Case Study

The Client

PUBG MOBILE is an epic shooting game with over 1 billion players worldwide. This ‘’battle royale shooting game’’ has excellent graphics, many maps, and fierce battles keeping users always hooked throughout the game. PUBG MOBILE is a free app with in-app purchases.

The main challenge was to attract users at a very low CPI of less than $1. But finding a new audience with <$1 CPI was challenging because of PUBGs popularity.

Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 2

Collecting Data & Reaching CPI


A/B Test, Collect Data & Reach CPI


Like any marketing project, the first crucial goal was collecting data, which is an essential part of the A/B testing stage.

The testing phase was quite challenging because the client pressurized a CPI of less than $1 while getting large installs. But by giving large install volumes, the CPI grew above $1.

We had to find solutions to the issue urgently. So our team of marketing analysts, media buyers, and a group of designers, entered a brainstorming session. We spent several days chewing our pencils and scratching our heads. Later, the creative team received data from analysts recommending areas of change and testing.

The creative team worked on creatives as media buyers implemented all the recommendations. We finally reached the required volume with a CPI of less than $1.

We also performed A/B tests with the PUBG team. From the tests, we came up with Key Performance Indicators for the following milestones.

Stage 2

Week 3- Week 11

Increasing The Number Of Users & Reaching KPI


To Attract Users To The PUBG App


After obtaining the second stage's goal, we agreed on a CPI cooperation model. This update primarily focused on increasing player engagement and visibility. We started testing different ideas to popularize the app by trying personalized advertising and game previews.

We tested so many ad creatives across different Ad networks that we snappily hit the client’s KPI with <$1 CPI.

In 4 months, we acquired 53,075 new users for PUBG Mobile.

Stage 3

Week 12- Week 20

Increasing The Number Of Followers On Social Media Channels, Increasing The Number Of Users & Reaching KPIs


To Increase The Number Of Users & Make Creatives


Since we successfully attracted clients to PUBG Mobile, the client set us the task of attracting followers to its social networks. Since the game is quite well-known, we tested many approaches to attract customers and ran the customer's social media posts as Ads.

The critical thing was reaching the right market segment and ensuring that PUBG Mobile was top-of-mind among gaming audiences. As a result, we attracted 95, 967 followers in 3 months.

Stage 4

Week 21- Week 32

Increasing The Number Of Stream Visitors & The Number Of PUBG Users


To Increase The Number Of Users Of PUBG, Increase Engagement & Steam Visitors


Among the tasks to increase engagement on social media accounts, we engaged the audience on PUBG real-time streams. As streams gained traction, we launched Ad campaigns for them to reach even more engagement and audience.

So in less than 5 months, the streams gained over 89 million impressions.

We hit the KPIs the client set for us.


Cooperation with PUBG gave us a lot of experience in the gaming niche. We learned to make quick decisions after in-depth analysis of situations. The key was to test many approaches, identify winning ones, and scale fast.

Mobihunter team attribute this success to a combination of creative problem-solving, client cooperation, brand name, and big data analytics. Our team found the balance between cost-volume-quality, and it allows us to realize the client's marketing plan.