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Yulia Nekrasova
Mon Apr 03 2023

Autodoc: Auto spares online shop Case Study

The Client

Autodoc GmbH is an online retailer selling everything from car accessories to truck, and motorcycle spare parts. The retailer operates many region-specific online stores for customers in 26 countries. AutoDoc is one of the largest online stores for vehicle parts in Europe.

When starting with Autodoc, Mobihunter faced various challenges: one of them being the seasonality of the goods. We adjusted all our campaigns to match different buying seasons to resolve this issue.

Stage 1

Week 1 - Week 2

Collecting Data, Reaching CPI


To A/B Test, Collect Data, and Reach CPI


At this stage, we made lots of tests to meet the client’s KPI. However, every operation challenged us.

Reaching the sales volumes and KPIs the client wanted at first proved difficult. So while considering the seasonality of goods, we targeted users who showed direct interest in specific product lines.

This approach helped us get closer to the ideal KPI.

From these A / B tests, we discussed all the results with the Autodoc team and agreed on the Cost Per Install (CPI) and CPA cooperation model for the next milestone.

Stage 2

Week 3- Week 11

Increasing The Number Of Users, Reaching KPI


To Attract Users To The Autodoc App & Increase The Number Of Purchases


We agreed on the CPI cooperation model with the client and immediately started the work. We launched campaigns on TikTok, testing different creatives.

In the first 2 months, we brought 5,591 new users and 46 purchases.

At the same time, we launched successful campaigns on Snapchat meeting the client's KPI.

Stage 3

Week 12 - Week 27

Increasing The Number Of Users, Optimizing Traffic, and Attracting A Solvent Audience


To Increase The Number Of Users, Optimize Traffic, and Attract A Solvent Audience


At this stage, our design team developed different Ad creatives. There was one obstacle though: Regulators from the EU and EEA implemented a new regulation on May 28, 2022, omitting certain words from an advertisement such as "special offer" and many more.

Our creative team quickly understood the new rules and made more compliant creatives. We knew having our Ads approved was the fastest way to reach the client's KPI.

4 months later, we acquired 11,800 new users and 180 new purchases.

Stage 4

Week 28 - Week 47

Planning and Growth & Keeping KPIs With Active User Downtime


To Increase Brand Awareness & Purchases


As we looked for new approaches to creatives, launching more campaigns on TikTok and Snapchat, we tested a new but popular platform - Reddit.

Despite many technical difficulties on Reddit, all campaigns successfully brought the desired result to the client

In addition, Reddit has a critical online culture, making it difficult to successfully promote products and services. But we knew it was worth scaling if done well.

So before launching an Ad campaign, we leveraged Reddit for Market Research. We tapped into customers’ minds, gathered in-depth qualitative data, engaged with the community, and established Autodoc as a valuable brand.

We resolved to continually test new platforms without sticking to existing media.


Working on the Autodoc project gave us a lot of experience on tested advertising principles. From these insights, we know the ones more suitable for the e-commerce niche.

Autodoc got excellent results, acquiring more than 50,000 new users.

Our team can now work on seasonal goods and unique audiences like car owners. We also discovered Snapchat as a useful media, not only for the US but for the EU as well. Close contact with the client and a proper communication process was the key to managing Ad campaigns more effectively. We effectively used the Ad budget and Autodoc continues to have paid users each day from the foundations of this project.